5 Horrible Effects Of ‘Climate Change’ You Should Know


As you already know, the biggest matter of concern at this moment is the Climatic Change and the environmental damage due to it. Many researchers have even marked the year 2030 as the last year for putting an end to further environmental damage.

We as humans have failed Mother Nature. We failed to take care of our planet. If we don’t stop destroying nature now, then our upcoming generations will have to suffer for sure.

You may have already heard an endless rant about the climate changes and the environmental damage due to it but still, there are many people who are not aware of these issues.

Though the damage to nature and the environment is pretty obvious but there are some shocking effects that can persist to anyone personally. This includes your horrible changes in your lifestyle, your habits, and your surroundings.

Here are some of the shocking problems that you may face due to climate change

You May Become Allergic To Beef, Pork And All Kind Of Red Meats

There are fair chances that you could develop a severe allergy from red meats. You may be wondering what climate change has to do with meat allergy?

The answer is the lone star tick, which is also known as a turkey tick. It is an external parasite or simply a tiny animal of about 3-5mm which feeds on the blood of mammals. Its bite is almost painless and you won’t even notice but a single bite is able to make you allergic to red meats including pork, beef, mutton, turkey, etc.

Earlier, a decade ago, the lone stark tick was limited to southeastern states only. But, now it is spreading very fast. The reason behind this widespread of lone star tick is the hot climate, humid weather. Star ticks love such weather conditions and the climatic changes are favorable for them.

Population Of Jellyfish Is Increasing

An increase in the jellyfish population is also a major problem that we have to face in the coming decade.

On a basic level, the chances of getting stung by jellyfish will be fairly high due to their presence in increased numbers. On a higher level, they will ruin the quality of water and will not let any other fish live. They will ruin the nuclear power plants and salmon farms. Jellyfish grow vigorously in warm water. Also, they can survive in water with higher acidity and lower oxygen levels. They can even thrive the murky water pretty well.

All these conditions will lead to extinct the fishes and other resources.

Increase In Suicide Rates

It sounds weird but it’s true. Some studies have shown that suicides in America increase mainly during summer which means the rate increases with an increase in temperature.

Coming to the reason behind this, the higher temperature triggers the secretion of the chemicals in the body that makes one panic and spikes the interpersonal violence which is responsible for suicides.

Space Junk Will Pile Up And Burn The Atmosphere

Satellites and rockets stay in the thermosphere. Here, carbon emissions can cause cooling instead of warming. Due to this, the space junk will not be dragged due to cooling and will stay in orbit for a longer time and burn up the atmosphere.

This is a major problem because the atmosphere is not as free as it seems to us. In fact, there are tonnes of space waste floating. This is a huge threat to working Satellites and other spacecraft. Moreover, it also increases the chances of collision with earth.

Women May Suffer In Conceiving

Yes!! You read it right. The couples may face hard time to conceive. August and September are the two months with the highest birth rates which shows that mostly babies are conceived during winters or cold weather.Cold temperatures are best to conceive because the hot climate drops the sperm production. So, in the upcoming decade, where the temperature is most likely to be on peak and there will be only mild winters, make it harder to conceive.



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