5 Surprising Reasons Why Love Hurts?


Love in Movies and love in real life are two different things. If you are lucky enough to love, you have to be strong enough to bear the pain caused by it.

Love is beautiful but still, there are people suffering emotionally and physically because of it. Let’s not talk about that. Instead Let’s know why relationships are painful,what are the particular reasons behind it. The reasons are really surprising!

1.Uncertainty About the Future

Uncertainty, it’s the main and biggest reason why love hurts.

When we fall in love it’s wonderful, happy and the most beautiful feeling and in love we become possessive and concerned about the future. The uncertainty of the future of not knowing what will happen next can be the reason for pain and anxiety.

So try to live in the present, try to stop worrying about the future because worrying will do nothing good.

2. High Expectations

Expectations are the root cause of all evil. Too many thoughts could be the reason why love hurts.

Living in the moment is quite difficult for some of the people. Instead of enjoying the moment we tend to think of what might happen and that is the problem, worrying and expecting can be a reason behind your pain. So let go of whatever worries you and try to live in the present.

3. The Hormonal Changes In Our Body

We all know when we fall in love our body goes through many chemical changes.

Dopamine, serotine, oxytocin, and endorphins these all releases when we experience love and these chemicals feel so good that we get addictive to them.

And that is why when you feel any sad emotion it’s because those chemicals separate from your body. This withdrawal of chemicals is so painful that we start craving for them, we will do anything just to ease the pain and feel happy.

Exercises prove to be helpful as when we perform exercise our body releases the same chemicals. So to lower or decrease the pain, start the workout.

4. The Emotional Baggage From Past Relationships

This is the most disgusting thing! Bringing emotional baggage of your past relationships. It’s toxic and wrong. The main reason why relationships don’t work is because of the one person who keeps talking about his past in the present.

This baggage, baggage that comes from past relationships, can cause us a lot of pain to the new person. And that is dangerous because we don’t want that baggage to interfere with the new one’s success.

If you have been through some shit it’s okay. But stop ruining your present, stop being doubtful and start trusting not everyone will do what someone else did.

5. Lack Of Satisfaction

In every aspect of life, satisfaction is the most important thing. It is the biggest reason behind the pain for many. Even after years of togetherness, people crave more and more, they expect more from their partners and when these expectations left unfulfilled and they left somewhat unsatisfied, it causes pain and heartbreaks.


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