Saheefa Jabbar calls out lack of professionalism in Pakistan’s fashion industry


It’s no secret that models are exploited in Pakistan’s fashion industry.

From long working hours, no concept of contracts, late payments to payments in “exposure”, there are some major flaws in business agreements made between big brands and models.

A display of inconsideration towards models has been highlighted by Saheefa Jabbar Khattak who took to Instagram to share her story.

Without naming any names, she narrated an incident where she was locked in for a shoot by Brand A for 2 September; she was approached by another brand in that time but she declined the work as she had already committed her dates to the first brand.

She then gets a call from Brand A less than a week before the shoot to inform her that the shoot has been cancelled altogether.

“In our industry, we face such issues often but when one of the leading brands in the market don’t own up to professionalism and commitment, I believe there is still a long way for all the models/actors and industry as a whole,” she wrote.

“I won’t be taking names of the brands as of now since I believe this should act as a gentle reminder to them that models/actors have their bread and butter based on this and they realize that.”

Modelling has become a big business — it’s high time designers and models begin to act business-like.


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