10 Behind-The-Scenes Shots From ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Proving They’re The Best Cast Ever


10 times the Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast proved they are just the best

Seriously, just imagine working with this lot.

As a fan of a multitude of a television shows, I’m one of those tele fans that frequently thinks to himself: “I wonder if this cast all get along”.

It’s weirdly important to me.

I just need to know that all these outrageously gorgeous, talented, filthy rich actors get along with each other; I think it’s an extreme fanboy thing. At the end of the day, they’re human beings that are being paid (often well, but that’s not important) to do a job just like you and me.

Does everyone get along with all of their colleagues? Hell no. But am I hoping that the cast of American Horror Story all go to Nandos together every second Wednesday of the month, just because they want to? Hell yes.

In reality, most actors see other actors they work with as colleagues and, of course, those relationships can be good and bad.

And yet, when it comes to my favourite shows I just yearn for harmony and friendship away from the cameras. It actually results in a better viewing experience for me (I could never watch Charmed the same way when I found out that Prue and Phoebe hated each other off-camera).

So when I came across this collection of behind-the-scenes shots and vids of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast living their best lives together off-camera, the nutty fanboy in me couldn’t wait to share them with you all.

What’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine about?

You’re kidding, right?

Okay, well now you’ve successfully emerged from that rock you’ve been hiding under since 2013, let me catch you up.

We’ve been gifted with six glorious seasons of the comedy-cop drama Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and as you’ll learn at the bottom of this page, a seventh season is in the works.

The show is set in in the fictional 99th Precinct of the New York City Police Department in Brooklyn and follows a team of (the best kind of) detectives.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast though

2. When they all planned their outfits for a table read and the theme was ‘activewear’.

3. When they celebrated their 99th episode and every single one of their faces told us everything we needed to know.

4. When Melissa and Stephanie reminded us all of the true meaning of friendship.

5. When Stephanie Beatriz posted this vid and showed us that the laughs literally never stop.

6. When Chelsea and Melissa recreated some puppy love.

7. When Joe pretty much told the world he was a mega keeno for his workplace.

8. When this perfect photo was taken in the 99th Precinct.

9. When these bezzies took this selfie and made us question every friendship we’ve ever had.

10. And finally, when these chums found out that Season Seven was happening.

When is Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season Seven released?

Although no date has been officially announced yet, Season Seven will most likely air on US network NBC (who picked up the show after it was dumped by Fox) sometime in January, as Season Six did. As for when the show arrives on E4 in the UK, March 2020 would be a sensible guess.

Sorry, that’s not a huge amount of help is it? I can share this pic Melissa Fumero shared on the first day of filming Season Seven, though.



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