5 Skin Care Hacks For You To Benefit From This Winter!


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Sit back and relax because the long-awaited winter is here, and with amusing weather, it comes great responsibilities; to take good care of our skin.

So, grab your notebook because we are going for a ride to hunt-down some winter hacks. Follow-up our leads as these might just benefit your skin.

As said by psychologist Neil Morris, “Baths give you, a wonderful combination of isolation, quiet, and comfort.”

Taking a hot tub shower not only makes you feel awake; it also sorts out your skin complications. Some will say that hot water turns your skin into a wrinkled texture while on the other hand, it actually helps your skin, preventing it from getting dry.

Chinese Artistry for Amazing Skin

Chinese folks have strongly believe the saying “the body and soul are inseparable.” This is probably why a 45-year-old Chinese woman will still be as young as she was in her mid-30s.

All right, let’s get to our objective: how to take good care of our skin when winter is in a bad mood. Here are a few things that one should keep in mind while going face-to-face with winter. Most of the doctors worldwide would recommend drinking more water; women in China often carry a water bottle with them.

Secondly, the secret behind Chinese women’s bright skin lies behind the less amount of time they spend in the sun to avoid premature ageing.

Organize Your Daily Routine!

Let’s face it, we (usually baby-boomers) are the worst when it comes to time management. Considering that, how do we expect our skin to glow like it used to be in our teenage? To make your skin have an ever-lasting glow, follow a schedule (daily routine).

Remember that having a hearty breakfast will help your stomach digest better and will also allow you to take a soothing nap after lunch.

Avoiding Lip Blasting

Winter will never ever forgive your lips. A dermatologist in New York, Shereene Idriss stated, “Lip basting is when you apply a thick layer of ointment on your lips.”

Let’s have a look at some ways to avoid lip basting. The list starts with water; drink a lot of water, followed by a non-irritating balm before bedtime; to keep your lips healthy. Furthermore, stop licking your lips, especially in winters.

One more thing that should be on top of the list is to avoid being stressful all the time; it will cause a real problem. Last but not least, quit smoking too as tobacco can easily damage the skin area around the lips.

Coconut Oil for Makeup!

Put a dab of coconut oil on your fingertips, and massage it gently onto your eyelids. Moreover, coconut oil is also used for teeth whitening.




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