5 steps strategy: Get free quality traffic on your website from Pinterest


Pinterest Always plays a vital role in creating successful blogs and help you in getting targeted traffic. Right now Pinterest is owning the tag of number one source of targeted and Free traffic. So, we can say Pinterest is gold in term of getting early success.

In this post, I am going to share a legit strategy of getting tons of free website traffic from Pinterest. You just need to follow this strategy step by step as I guide. Before diving in and starting this article, I want to mention Caffeinated Blogger, who actually shared this technique on his website. You can follow his YouTube Channel for more exciting case studies.

Here are the stats how he gets massive traffic on his website without spending on paid ads and backlinks.

5 Steps required for getting Free premium traffic from Pinterest:

  • Profile Creation
  • Growing your followers
  • Join Group Boards
  • Be Active in all Boards
  • Sharing your pins in Group Boards

Now…  I am going to explain each step in detail so you can get a clear idea of how things work and connected to each other.

Pinterest Profile creation:

Go to the main site and click on Signup where you have to enter your main information. Add legit and accurate information. Then set up your website where you want to get traffic from Pinterest.

After profile and site creation, now it’s time to publish some quality content your website. Because if your website hasn’t high quality then forget you will get returning visitors to your website. So, content is a very important element of this whole strategy. So you need to populate your website with some killer content.

Growing your profile and gain followers:
Growing your followers mean you have some kind of following on Pinterest to look legitimate. So, try to gain 50 – 100 followers then start working on the next step. There are a lot of ways to get free followers on Pinterest and it will definitely increase the trust level of your website.

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Join group boards:

In this step, you have to join 50 – 100 group boards related to your website topic. As you have now trusted profile with some following, You will get approved easily in group boards. I am telling you again only join groups which are related to your niche. Because if you join irrelevant groups you will get poor quality of traffic.
Be active in groups and Share your content in groups:
Stay active in all groups which you joined and be responsive on all posts which are posted by other group members. This thing will help you in making a trustful relation and people start to giving importance to your content.

Share your website link 1 to 2 times daily in each time and don’t share irrelevant things. Post to the point content which can help people and answer to their queries.
So, this is all about Pinterest traffic technique and in future maybe I will share part 2 of this post where I can share more interesting ways of getting free traffic.


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