5 Ways To Know If A Girl Is Interested In You But Trying To Hide It!


When it comes to girls dropping signals, oh they can be pretty clear, as long as the guy manages to understand them. Sometimes, guys do fail to read between the lines; they get the memo deeper than it already is or sometimes, they don’t get it at all. Now of course if she asked you for notes regarding a subject, she is not showing signs of interest in you. But if she says she would like to grab a bite with you, she might be hinting her crush or feelings about you.

Girls tend to create a challenge that boys mostly do like – they want it hard to get and so do boys. But for that, you need to be sure whether she has the same feelings you think she does or nah.

So for all the boys reading this, here are some hints for you to start catching to see if she really is interested in you or not:

1. She Would Want to Spend Time With You

If she is leaving her other friends behind and tells you that she wants to hangout with you, there definitely is something you need to pick up as a hint.

2. She Gets Nervous Around You

You might see her as this confident, talkative person around others, but when she is with you, she gets all nervous and thinks quite a lot before speaking.

3. There Is Some Eye Contact Every Now and Then

You see her looking at you, she sees you looking at her and the eyes match at that point. There is definitely something there and you just need to decode it in the right manner.

4. She Listens to You When You Speak

Yeah I mean she may get all jumpy inside while listening to you talk, but she would really want you to speak and when the role reverses, she would want you to listen to her too.

5. She May Start Talking To You About the Things She Would Want You To Do

She may want you to do a certain things for her like take her out for dinner or make time to talk to her. She may start bringing this up in a general or nagging way, but that’s when you know she is pretty interested.

So boys, catch these signals and make sure you act on them!



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