7 Early Signs of Cancer Most People Ignore


One of the most common issues that need our concern is the lack of health awareness. One of the major reasons behind this is the tight schedule and busy lifestyles. People hardly get time to care for themselves. In spite of getting many symptoms, we ignore them and fall prey to dangerous diseases.

Our body is designed in such a way that it warns as regarding the diseases as early symptoms but they are often overlooked and later, we find ourselves in serious troubles. Cancer is one such dangerous disease which if not treated early can cost your life.

In this article, we are providing several early signs of cancer. So, if any of these symptoms persist in you or your close ones then, you need to visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Moreover, these are just some early signs of cancer that may point toward other diseases also. So, don’t jump to conclusions directly and consult a doctor for your safe health. Prevention is always better than cure!!

7 Early Signs of Cancer Ignored by a Majority of People

1. Early Signs of Breast Cancer

A neoplasm can be a sign of breast or skin cancer. It has many other symptoms which include the following:

  • Hard Bumps or Knots in Breast/armpits.
  • Pus filled ulcer in the center of neoplasm.
  • Irritation or rashes on the skin of unknown origin. (that is not because of some food or cosmetics allergy)
  • Change in shape or size of a birthmark

2. Cough From a Long Period Can be an early signal towards Lung Cancer or some other Lung disease. Other symptoms include :

  • Lose in appetite.
  • Sudden and drastic weight loss.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Blood while Coughing.

3. Skin Irritation /Rashes

While it is very common to have irritated skin and rashes but if it persists for a longer period then you need to consult a doctor. In many cases, skin irritation and rashes are directly connected to the tumors. Its symptoms include :

  • Genital itching can be a sign of uterine neoplasm.
  • Itching in the nostrils for a longer period is linked with Brain Cancer.

4. Irritated Bowel Movements

If you are suffering from a bowel disease then it might be linked with cancer according to some clinical experience. Its symptoms include :

  • Spontaneous defecation.
  • Blood secretion in stools.
  • Mucous/purulent secretions.
  • Early Signs of Kidney Cancer

    Following symptoms can signal towards kidney-related cancers :

    • Stress and Hypertension.
    • Severe Abdominal pain.
    • Blood in the urine.
    • Weakness and lethargy

      6. Early Signs of Stomach Cancer

    • The symptoms mentioned below are very common on a day to day basis but if they persist for a longer time then, they can be related to stomach cancer. These include :
      • Abrupt weight loss.
      • Loss in appetite.
      • Disgust towards non-veg food.
      • Premature Satiation (feeling of fullness when in fact you had very less or negligible quantity of food)
      • Loss of blood / Anemia
      • Irregular/difficult bowel movement.

      7. Symptoms of Laryngeal Cancer

      The following symptoms can be linked with laryngeal cancer :

      • Consistent Sore throat for a longer period of time.
      • Difficulty in breathing.
      • Lump building in the throat along with the growth of neoplasm.
      • Loss of speech.
      • Hoarseness in voice.
      • Bad breath.
      • Blood while Coughing.

      That’s about it. As we already mentioned don’t jump to conclusions if any of the symptoms persist to you. Don’t diagnose yourself and consult a doctor. Most importantly, don’t panic, it might be some other disease. Visit your doctor and start your treatment before it’s too late.



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