7 Simple Conversation Tips to Impress Anyone & be Socially Strong


Are you shy? Are you an introvert? Are you socially awkward? Do you suck at starting and holding conversations?

Do you feel awkward about what to say and how to start a healthy conversation? There are some moments in which we get stuck, where we wish to move forward but can’t .The moments we want to initiate conversation but unable to do so because we don’t know the right question, the right topic to talk about without being misunderstood.

We understand the need to be able to be a great communicator without any awkwardness and misunderstanding. So for this, we have some tips & tricks and questions to start a healthy and smooth conversation.

Keep Comfort As A Priority:

Comfort should be your priority. Keep the other person as well as yourself comfortable throughout the conversation. Want to know what is the opener of any conversation?

Ask the person about the place he lives, his family background, culture and so on. Imagine yourself getting stuck in an awkward situation with a stranger, and then the other person starts asking you about your name, your place. You’ll feel comfortable then. Your uneasiness, awkwardness will all flew away.

So this is it. Make the other person belong to you. Ask the questions which they enjoy answering and then exaggerate that question.

Ask more about the culture, the kind of people who lives there, and most importantly FOOD, it’s an interesting topic though and it’s a chain .Then you can say I am feeling hungry, are you? Then talk about the famous restaurants and the places to eat in a particular place you are sitting and then the conversation can go on.

Talk About Surroundings:

The easiest and simplest way to start a conversation is to talk about the surroundings. Use your senses to sense the kind of environment and start talking on it .Like -Hey! The weather is so chilled here would you like to have a tea, then you can ask if the other person likes tea or not and can add up the place famous for tea.

If you are in a restaurant start talking about the dishes and other restaurants. If you are in a library ask the other if he/she likes to read books. If yes, then ask about the genre and favorite authors and books and let the conversation flow smoothly.

Be A Little Humorous

Don’t just talk on serious and boring topics. Add some fun in the conversation by making the other person laugh. If you have a good sense of humor, then why let it go waste. Just add pinch of humor and a good laugh and feel the magic of the conversation. Laughter is a good therapy indeed, so laugh and talk.

Just take care of one thing; don’t get too much into humor that the other person gets offended. Use your words wisely and intelligently.

Be Little Slow To Get Into Personal Questions:

Don’t get too personal, especially in the first meeting .Talk about the good things, the general topics like weather and the surroundings. This may be a small talk but some of these ends up being meaningful, keep it real. Anything personal can irritate the other person. So keep it casual, simple and light. And then add more according to the responses.

To Develop Interest, Talk About The Current Events And Culture

Talk about the recent event or anything that happened and went viral. Talk about the music, food, dresses, dance, culture etc.

Ask the other person about their favorite music, genre, their favorite singer and their favorite band and then keep on adding things. Music is a good way to talk by the way. So talk about your favorite songs, ask them too and keeps the conversation going.

Little Things Matter:

Pay attention to the little things because they all matter and they are the things that make big difference. So may be paying attention to the small things may lead to something big and a turner.

In this era, where internet is above all, people crave for genuine connections and real people. Talk something different. Talk about the things that matter the most. Ask more about them and their likes and dislikes. But take care of not asking too much as it will seem like an interview.

Make sure the other person is comfortable. Ask some genuine questions and try to be real. For example, What are the things that makes you happy? What made you happy today? What do you love the most? What personality trait do you like in yourself and others? And such related raw questions.

Such questions generate positive vibes and create a good and amiable environment.

Ask Them For Favor or Help:

Asking a favor or help from someone is a friendly gesture, people feel belongingness. So it’s a nice way to have a good conversation. And yes not a Big favor or help, just a little one for that moment. Like you can ask to pass the water bottle or tissue if you are at a restaurant. You can ask to pass the book or help you in the selection of book etc etc.

By asking for such favors the other person feels important and it’s the most magical psychological trick for a great conversation.

How to Keep the Conversation Going:

It is obvious after some time the conversation will get boring and the talk will finish but to keep the conversation going, analyze or sense your surroundings and keep talking about it. It’s a bit difficult to talk talk and talk, to come out with something funny and interesting. In that case, do nothing and just be real, simple and sober.

If you want to keep yourself in touch with the other person, then ask for their social media handle or contact details. If they inform or provide you with the details, then maybe it’s a sign that they want the same. Who knows your conversation can go on smoothly and without any awkwardness.

So, break the ice, get rid of social anxiety, awkwardness and your shy behavior. Because now you can rock any conversation. Just be real, genuine and Be YOU.






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