Adidas and Gucci to Sell $1600 Umbrella that Doesn’t Protect From Rain


Luxury fashion brands Gucci and Adidas have faced user anger for selling an umbrella in China for $1,644, or 11,100 yuan.

The Gucci website states: “Part of the AdidasxGucci collection, this parasol features an interlocking G and Trefoil print. adidas and Gucci are venturing into a collection that juxtaposes the fabric with the three white stripes and combines the GG monogram with the shamrock.”

The accessory was mocked on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, with the BBC reporting that one user called it “a huge but useless fashion statement.” At the same time, another wrote, “As long as I’m poor, they won’t be able to get me to pay for it.” Twitter has also seen his share of contempt.” Imagine buying a $1,600 umbrella as a status symbol, finding out it doesn’t stop the rain, then realizing it shouldn’t work,” one user tweeted.


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