Afiniti’s Founder ‘Zia Chishti’ Stole Tech Secrets & Offered them to China, Lawsuit Claims


The disgraced founder of Princess Beatrice’s artificial intelligence company has been charged with stealing its technology and establishing a competitor in China, according to the business.

When Jia Chishti departed Affinity in 2021 due to charges of sexual harassment against her, it is said that she took the source code and other trade secrets with her.

Affinity, a company based in Bermuda that had counted David Cameron among its consultants and Princess Beatrice among its vice presidents of partnerships and strategy, asserted that Mr. Chishty was reticent to hand over his employer’s computers when he departed. had adopted the tactic by declining.

According to the lawsuit filed in Washington, DC, they have since established their own businesses in Pakistan and China and have begun providing technology to state-backed businesses like China Mobile.


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