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Alkaram removes a kurta from their website after BTS fans accuse them of plagiarism


Alkaram has released a new collection but one certain design looks like we’ve seen it elsewhere before.

One kurta on their website boasts delicate floral embroidery that would look great otherwise:

Usually we’d be wondering why a model wearing a kurta has a bunny head in her hands. Instead, we’ve got the BTS fandom in Pakistan calling them out on plagiarism.

Because if you have K-pop fever and adore the globally popular Korean band, you’ll notice the designs look exactly like their 2017 album’s cover.

If there’s one thing you need to know about BTS fans, it’s that you do not mess with BTS and expect to survive.

Did Alkaram think they could get away with copying a Korean band’s album cover because many wouldn’t recognise it?

Is it that difficult to create original designs or hire creative folks who can deliver originality?


And if you are taking ‘inspiration’ from someone else, at least credit them for it. You’d actually get better traction for it. Although even then, to blatantly copy a design is not okay.

Alkaram hasn’t made an official statement nor has BTS’ agency (BigHit Ent) to whom many Pakistani fans have already emailed about the issue.





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