Amna Ilyas Talks About Her Dark Skin And Much More


Amna Ilyas in an interview talked about her experience as a dark-skinned girl and what she has faced.

“No matter how sons look like but our mothers say our daughters-in-law must be pure white. When I was growing up my aunts, cousins, commented on me that I am black because of going to school and told me about remedies. People don’t realize how sensitive this matter is and what kind of impact it can leave on someone’s mind,” Amna shared.

“There was a time when I was also using fairness creams but then I realized this is not good. The thing that matters is healthy skin,” Amna revealed.

She shared her experience in the industry and said, “For instance, if I had to do a lawn campaign my makeup artists used to do two tones lighter makeup and then with the help of photoshop they used to make it more brighter. Sometimes when I used to see those photos I felt like that’s not me.”



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