Amna Usman Announces Divorce Says, ‘Usman Malik Will Also Bear The Consequences’


All we see on social media is the debate between who is wrong and who is more wrong. After the viral video in which we saw actress Uzma Khan with her sister being threatened by a gang of women who barged in their house. Asking them about their relationship with Usman Malik. Everybody has been talking about the issue since then but the media doesn’t have the spine to give two cents on the issue. Well, that’s a separate debate.

We see updates on the matter day after day, whether it’s Uzma Khan who is requesting help from the authorities to take the matter in hand. Or other videos that are in support of Uzma Khan who was wronged by these women who broke the law. Long story short, there are damages done by both parties. But the question is, why isn’t anyone bothering the guy?

Is it because the patriarchy has yet again resurfaced, aiming the pressure and debate on the participating women in this war? Or is it really not the fault of the man, Usman Malik?

Enraged audience

People who have been religiously following the news are immensely disappointed at the way this whole situation is being dealt. As if it’s the battle between the powerful and the powerless where justice is lost.

In this video, however, Amna Usman goes on to lead all the attention towards Usman Malik who was equally, or maybe more, blameful for the outrageous act. She talks about all the number of times she gave him a “chance” like a “mashriqi woman” who would let go of things in the hope that things will be better but all in vain.

She announces divorce

She further goes on to reveal the vices of Usman Malik who stole all her jewelry to gift it to Uzma Khan. Further, she says that she’s now penniless only because of this woman (Uzma Khan) who ate millions by the hands of her husband that she is now planning to divorce. She says that nobody is sparing him from this incident. He is just as much to blame as Uzma Khan and that he will pay the price. She announces divorce with him and goes on to further show contempt over the entire issue.

Well, what can we say! Until the case is taken in the hands of law, we can’t draw a line between who went wrong where. We await to see what happens after Uzma Khan filed a case of harassment and blackmail. Will it go in her favor? Who knows!



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