Aww! We Can’t Stop Admiring Atif Aslam’s Youngest Son As He Plays Guitar With Him


Pakistani celebrities took liberty during the ongoing pandemic to entertain us and also give an insight into their personal lives. It was truly remarkable to see each of them interacting with their fans in their own unique way. During this pandemic, we had the witty and satirical vlogs from Saba Qamar to the beautiful weddings of our favorite celebrities and of course the breakup on the live Instagram session. We have seen all!

Atif Aslam introduces his youngest son

Interestingly, singer Atif Aslam has also jumped into the bandwagon and shared tidbits about his life. Hence, it took us by surprise when he introduced his son for the first time ever to the public. That too, on the 16th anniversary of ‘Jal Pari’. He shares the video with his fans, and we get to see the cute little boy trying to clumsily play the guitar with his star dad.

Here is a little version of Atif sitting in his dad’s lap while they both play drumming sounds on the guitar. Not only is the small video cute, but we are in awe of these two.

Atif has won our hearts since his first album dropped, and his beautiful and sensual voice always makes us love him even more. During Ramadan 2020, Atif released a beautiful and soul-tempting version of Asma-Ul-Husna. And he won the love and appreciation of Pakistani’s to another level.

So not only were fans excited to see their favorite pop singer out and about in their daily lives, but it amazed us to see how much of a cool dad he is with his kids. He sure knows how to entertain and keep us hooked on amazing vocals.

Atif is one of the most well-known pop singers in Pakistan, he has managed to earn recognition in Bollywood with his beautiful and mesmerizing voice. It is truly amazing to see each of these celebrities grow and become the amazing personalities they are today. In fact, each of them has an inspiring story that defines their story from rags to riches.

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