‘Azan’ Echoed Across Country Seeking Allah’s Mercy Amid COVID-19


In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, which has already caused mayhem at the global level and in Pakistan, calls for prayer (azan) echoed across the country at 10 pm last night, during which people sought Allah’s mercy against the pandemic.

Call for protection prayers

Owing to news reports, it was Maulana Bashir Farooqui, Chairman Saylani Welfare Trust, who solicited for the prayers. Nonetheless, Maulana Bashir enumerated that in such times of angst, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also used to recite the prayer, subsequently requesting Allah’s mercy and divine help from the skies.

Precisely, Maulana propounded that, to ease the tyranny effectuated by the COVID-19, mosques from all over Pakistan must follow the footsteps of our beloved Prophet (PBUH).

Several calls for prayers were performed. At 10 pm, locals in Pakistan from all walks of life scurried to their rooftops and backyards to say the azan. People reached out to Allah for the protection of their loves ones. Many also took to social media and shared their videos.

They also insisted through their social media messages that instructions to keep ones safe from COVID-19 must be followed by all.

Youtuber Mubeen ul Haq shared his concerns regarding last night’s activities.



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