Bahria University Orders Strict Separation of Men and Women on Campus


Bahria University is famous for making controversial decisions which end up being mocked and criticized at social media. With their bizarre polices, Bahria’s administration wants to let the students know that it likes acting as the moral police.

Last time, the university administration banned jeans, shorts, and T-shirts for female students and introduced shalwar kameez as the official dress code for them. Now, the varsity has gone a step farther to stop female and male students from being together anywhere on the campus.

A recent notification issued earlier this month demands male and female students to sit separately in the classroom, cafeteria, and lounge. The bizarre policy has also restricted them from taking part in group projects.

“Seating of male and female student be separated in classrooms. Likewise, outstation visits and grouping in projects be also made separately,” reads the notification.

Furthermore, the class timetable has been revised to allow no recess/break time on campus and to restrict movement around the campus.

The Time Table of all classes be arranged in a manner wherein no gap/vacant/leisure time is available between one class to another from the start until the end of the day.

It says that the decisions are in line with the Rector’s directives and the university will issue a detailed policy in this regard.

Earlier this month, similar directives were issued from Lahore’s University of Engineering and Technology (UET) which were withdrawn after facing criticism on social media.



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