Become a freelance writer with zero experience and write your way to your first $1000 in no time


The freelance economy is on a rise and people are choosing freelancing full time and also part-time to make ends meet. It is expected that in years to come, one out of three people will be doing freelancing and will be self-employed full-time.

The interesting thing about freelancing is, you are boss of your own and can work at your own pace, time availability and comfort. A luxury one does not have while working for someone else in a nine to five job. Freelancing has opened unlimited earning avenues for females, especially in Asia where in some countries it is still taboo in many places for a lady to leave the home and go for a nine to five job.

As a freelancer, they can not only offer their services and talent on different freelance marketplaces but can make good money and also contribute substantially to the country’s economy as well as become financially independent.

The only skill which does not require any degree or expertise (except experience) is writing. If you have done 14 years of school and college, you can offer your services as a content writer on content mills sites and different freelance sites. I have always said, Fiverr is the best marketplace to start your career as a writer. But let’s take a look at some more opportunities where writers can find work and make money as a writer.

Let’s learn how to write your way to your first $1000 in no time.

Content Mills Jobs:

Many people wonder what exactly are content mills jobs. A content mill is a crowd-sourced content writing platform. Clients reach out to them, give their writing assignments and then the content mill makes these jobs available to their pool of writers.

Clients pay content mill sites directly and then content mill pays their selected writer for the task done.

Try these 400 sites that pay well as a writer.

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Freelance Marketplace:

You can also offer your services as a freelancer on different marketplaces. On the websites like Upwork and Guru, signup as a service provider and look for jobs in writing categories, place your bid and if selected, get the job done and get paid for the work.This is by far the best and most authentic way of making money as a content writer and not only it gives you a chance to grow your writing career but your freelance profile also grows as you do more work. A good profile automatically begins to provide you leads for new jobs thus saving you from the hassle of finding projects and bid on them daily.


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