Home News Bushra Bibi’s friend Farah Khan carried handbag worth $90,000

Bushra Bibi’s friend Farah Khan carried handbag worth $90,000


Politics have its extremism nowadays and taking people’s nerves on edge. PM Imran khan gave surprise to people by demolishing the authorities of the National Assembly which led the opposition in shock, this shock didn’t come to closure, a new scandal of his third wife Bushra Bibi with her friend came up like fires in the street. When the PMLN’s vice president Maryam Nawaz alleged that

There is a woman named Farah from Lahore who has close links with Bani Gala and is involved in sorcery. Millions of rupees are received as bribes against postings and transfers. She said you will see proof in the coming days on media.”

According to the source, the handbag was worth $90,000

Farah khan a friend of Bushra Bibi traveled to Dubai on April 3 for an iftar dinner hosted by the first’s lady sister but a viral picture of Farah khan tells something else.


PTI was claiming that Farah Khan cannot be a corrupt person as she was a private person on the other hands Musa Maneka, son of Bushra Bibi, speaking to Geo News on Tuesday, stated the Maneka household has nothing to do with Farah Khan, including she has gone to Dubai to reside. He stated, “Our family has nothing to do with any deal involving Farah Khan. She (Farah Khan) did wrong to Prime Minister Imran Khan and my mother (Bushra Bibi).” While asking Farah khan about her accusation of serious corruption she denied replying as she was not under the condition to talk over this.



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