Danyal Zafar releases new single ‘Udh Chaliye’ while quarantined


After releasing ‘So Long, Goodbye’ last month, which was an interesting mix of qawwali and hip-hop, singer-songwriter and guitarist (who also had writing credits on Teefa in Trouble), Danyal Zafar recently released his new single called ‘Udh Chaliye’. According to Danyal, his latest track has been conceived, written, composed, sung, recorded and shot in a span of 24 hours.

Danyal took to social media to share that this is the first time in his life that he has executed an entire song within a day while being quarantined because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Following in the footsteps of his brother Ali Zafar, who requested his fans to make dance videos for his song ‘Mela Loot Liya’ for Pakistan Super League’s fifth edition, Danyal asked his followers (on quarantine day 7) to contribute by sending him their videos from home during this lockdown.

The next day the singer shared the song along with the video on Instagram and wrote, “Quarantine day 8, this has never happened before. I’ve never conceived an idea and executed it WITH a music video in just ONE day. I honestly don’t know how it happened. All I know is I just kept doing whatever I felt like. Sometimes that’s all you gotta do.”

He added, “But how this has turned out to be such a beautiful experience is because for the first time I involved all of you FULLY and shared the entire process with you guys. We worked on it together. From the idea to lyrics to the beat, to this video. Man. I did not do this by myself. WE did it. Together.”

The song, which is a mix of Punjabi, Urdu and English lyrics, is a mellow and hummable track. As far as the video is concerned, it incorporates fan videos and artwork as well as Danny Zee in his own house. With a soothing tune and vocals, Danny Zee’s ‘Udh Chaliye’ is perfect to provide some calm in these difficult, strange times.


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