Demand of Small Cars to Increase as Fuel Prices Reach Record High


Pakistan has experienced a hike of RS 60 in the cost of petrol in the recent times. Currently, the price of petrol is approximately 210 per litre. It is expected that during the upcoming days, there would be another hike in the petrol prices, making it almost 270 liters.

The costs of some other fuels have also been increased during the recent times. Such as diesel and light speed oil. This fuel rate hike has also affected other commodities such as electricity as well as food.

This fast declining currency and rates have also put an impact on the prices of vehicles. Some of the vehicle manufacturers such as Toyota, Kia and Proton have cancelled all the further bookings until the betterment of the economic scenarios in the country. As things right now are probably going South. But a single vehicle manufacturing company is oblivious of the current economical situation and is not affected by it. This manufacturing company is none other than Suzuki.

One of the most popular products by Suzuki is their Alto car. It is not only popular among middle class people but its also the highest sold vehicle of this nation. It was launched in 2019 and since then it has also broken various records. Suzuki manufactures mini cars only and one of the most oldest pickups Ravi and Bolan are also the products of Suzuki. Both these vans don’t have a single direct competition in the market till now.


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