Do Darya, Karachi: Best Restaurants for Dining by the Sea


Do Darya is a famous place in DHA phase 8 and always remains in highlights. This place is surrounded by two sides and has distinct natural features. Due to its locality and position, it is a famous place for dining and food streets in Karachi. Here eateries remain open till midnight.

If you are planning to visit Do Darya with your friends and family and are looking for Do Darya Karachi: Best Restaurants for dining by the sea, then remain connected with us and find your best one.

Best restaurants for dining by the sea at Do Darya

Here is the list of best restaurants for dining by the sea at Do Darya.


Do Darya Kababjees restaurant is one of the best restaurants for dining in the seaside area. Its menu contains desi meals, continental food, seafood, and Chinese. Each of their dishes is popular for its delicious taste.

Kababjees compete with many other restaurants to provide the best quality meal and service. There is a variety of food items available on their menu.

For example, their popular menu items are Lahori Fish, Seafood Chowder soup, tempura grilled fish, Malai Botti, Mexican wings, and Chicken Makhni Handi.

Also, American beef steak, Grilled chicken sandwich, White mutton karahi, Fire chicken steak, Grilled Moroccan chicken steak, and chicken Reshmi Kabab. Food lovers can choose their favorite one and can enjoy their meal.

Kababjees remain open from 6 pm to 1 am. People can reserve their table by using their contact number 021-111666111.



Kolachi is another strong contender in the list of restaurants near Do Darya, Karachi, for dining. Its food items are famous due to their amazing taste. It is considered one of the best restaurants for providing the best BBQ at Do Darya Karachi.

Kolachi restaurants have a wide range of food items from desi to continental. Their popular menu items are royal Texas burger and Philly beef. The other famous food items are beef steak, ginger Gravy, Chicken malai boti, Makhni handi, brain masala, mushroom sauce, cheese, beef steaks, mixed kata kat, and Peshawari karahi.

Kolachi restaurant remains open from 7 pm to 1 am. If you want to visit it and reserve your table, contact on the 021-111111001.


Sajjad Restaurant

Sajjad restaurant is considered one of the best restaurants in Karachi and is popular among BBQ lovers. Its other branches are also available in Karachi in different areas. They didn’t compromise on the quality and taste of food.

Sajjad restaurant branch at Do Darya was opened in 2000, and it has earned huge success since that time. Their popular menu items are Chicken jalfrezi, Chicken tandoori tikka, combo steak, crispy fish, mutton ribs, Chicken malai tikka, Chullu kabab, chicken chowmein, and dhagga kabab. Many other food items are popular. But just try one of the above lists if you visit it.

Sajjad restaurant remains open from 5:30 pm to 12:30 am. For reservation, you may contact 0333 2228111.

Sajjad Restaurant

Al Habib Restaurant

Al Habib Restaurant is an amazing addition to the list of restaurants near Do Darya that not only provide a variety of refreshing food items but are also set up for delightful dining. Its design, like its other branches in the city, is sophisticated and looks sleek. The open view of the Arabian sea increases the charm of the meal and makes it the perfect place for dining near Do Darya.

The popular menu of Al Habib Restaurant contains Mutton Karachi, Malai Botti, Grilled Chicken, Chicken and Mutton white Karahi, chicken Reshmi Kabab, and much more.

If you want to visit Do Darya and dine at Al Habib Restaurant, you can also reserve your table by using the 0300 0210972 contact number. It remains open from 5:30 pm to 2 am.

Al Habib Restaurant

Charcoal BBQ and Grill

Charcoal BBQ and Grill is another famous restaurant in Do Darya, Karachi. There is an elegant setup for dining guests, and the meal is served by highly trained staff. This restaurant is best for both families and friends.

Charcoal BBQ and Grill meal menu contain a lot of food items. However, their popular menu items suggested to the guests who visit for the first time are Charcoal Fire steak, Tarragon steak, BBQ grilled chicken, Grilled Mexican chicken, Grilled mutton chops, black paper chicken, steak and shrimps, tandoori chicken skewers, and much more.

“Charcoal BBQ and Grill” restaurant opening and closing timings 5:30 pm to 12:30 am. People can also reserve their table by contacting the following contact number. 03232001045

The best route for Do Darya

If you are planning to visit “DO DARYA” and need information about the best route for Do Darya, then you are right here.

To travel toward Do Darya, you should go through “Abdul Sita Edhi Avenue,” also known as the “sea view road.” it is one of the popular and best routes to reach Do Darya and the popular route of DHA Karachi.

Some famous tourist points near the Do Darya are given below.

  • The “Creek Vistas Apartment” is situated at a distance of a 10-minutes drive.
  • “DHA Golf Club” is another famous place near this point and may take a 7-minutes drive to reach it.
  • “DHA Beach View Club” is only at a distance of 6Km from the Do Darya and takes take 10-minute drive.
  • Another popular place near it is the ‘Clock Tower,” also known as the “Food Bazar,” located at a distance of 5.3 Km and maybe 9 to 10 minutes to drive.
  • The famous “Emaar Crescent Bay” is only 2Km away from it and may take 3 to 4 minutes to reach here.
  • “Dolmen Mall Clifton” is around 9.5 Km away from the “Do Darya. “People can go there and can spend quality time.
  • There is another “Sea View Garden and Chunky Monkey” tourist place near it, which is around 6.9 Km away.

End note

This was the complete information about Do Darya, Karachi: Best Restaurants for Dining by the Sea. So, now you can find your favorite restaurant at that place and can also check their special menu list. If you visit this place and visit a restaurant, please let us know about your experience.


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