Don’t use social media to impress people, use it to inspire people.


The purpose of social media, Facebook, in particular, is not to impress people all the time. Instead, it should be used to bring positive change in the life of people and should inspire them to become a better version of themselves.

If you know something good and informative, share so others can learn. If you’ve done something difficult in life and learnt a lesson, share how did you do it, what problems were faced by you. If you see a problem around you, highlight it, provide a constructive solution to fix it. If you’ve gone through depression, anxiety and came out as a winner, tell people how did you get out of such a miserable state and what should others do to get over it.

If you were a smoker for a good part of your life, tell people what made you quit this habit. If you were an arrogant, angry bull who would spew anything at any time without worrying about other’s reputation, share what has made you such a nice, calm and a collected person today.

Highlight the importance of friendship, relations. Why is family so important?.

Tell people what have you done for the country that has made you proud of yourself today. Emphasize why lack of resourcefulness is a problem over the lack of resources which everyone thinks as a major problem. Talk about the importance of money, how to make money and why it should be saved.

Talk about business opportunities, opportunities in life. Talk about the importance of education and why the current education system needs to change to make ways for more innovation among our kids. Also, talk about the importance of higher education and jobs.

Don’t forget to point out the importance of learning skills in life. It could be computer skills, life skills but anchor why skills alone could make them sail through the storm of life.

Talk about the importance of spending time with nature. Highlight the importance of physical exercise. What changes you have experienced in your mood and health by indulging into healthy activities. How many times do you workout in a week and how to prevent a body for getting injured?

Leaders are readers. If you like reading, share your favorite books so others can also learn. Tell why Bill Gates and Warren Buffett read about 50 books a year?.

Tell people about that one movie that changed your life and perspective. A proper sleep pattern can bring the best out of you, talk about the importance of sleeping all through the night and what distracts the sleep and causes insomnia.

Highlight the importance of staying sharp. Tell, what makes one lethargic and how can one muster the energy to perform daily chaos with eagerness.

If social media is used positively, it can bring change in the life of people. It should not be used to impress people by posting your travels, showing off an expensive meal you’ve had last night when you hosted 20 others while one of your followers on social media slept hungrily. It should not show your luxury house, showing money in your hand and showing fancy dresses while someone is struggling to make ends meet and unable to buy new books, a school bag for their children.

Social media, Facebook, in particular, should be used to teach, share and spread love.

You never know, what good positive change you may bring in the society and most importantly, how many lives you may end up changing.


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