Earth Takes A Break, Global Pollution Decreases During Covid-19 Spell


Undoubtedly, the coronavirus has triggered a colossal disruption to daily affairs. Well, with no one to traverse around the streets, as the lockdown corrals citizens to their homes. Climate scientists avouch that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a substantial nosedive in Global Pollution.

NASA Exhibits Evidence Of Decrease In Pollution Levels

To support this fact, NASA’s Earth Observatory depicts footage of one of its satellites. According to their assertions, the country of China has shown significant drops in pollution. Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 occurred from Wuhan, the streets and public places have been steer cleared of people. With no cars to pollute the air with hydrocarbons, consequently, the air quality has gradually been ameliorating.

Here is NASA footage of the comparison, before and after the virus’s outbreak in China.

Environmental experts assert that: “For the first time in decades, the environment seems to be recovering from the constant pollution. Clearly, the air quality index has been substantially improving. Subsequently, this means our planet is breathing again after a very long time. Positive Signs.

Canal Waters Of Italy Clear Up

Meanwhile, reports are that the waters of Venice have been clearing up. Without any doubt, Italy is the only country which has suffered a great catastrophe due to the Coronavirus. With over 70,000 total cases and 8,000 deaths, entire Italy is currently under lockdown.

Surprisingly, the pictures getting viral depict visual environmental changes, with the ceasing of tourism. The waterways of Venice, which were once murky and polluted with trash, are now shining clear, due to the sediments laying down on the floor.

Climatic Scientist, Peter Gleick says: “As for the environmental benefits we see from the slowdown of day-to-day life and economic activity in terms of improving air quality and other slight benefits. Clearly, It’s a good sign that our ecosystems are somewhat resilient if we don’t completely destroy them.

Nevertheless, with the ecosystem improving gradually, economists, however, pose the question as to how countries will sustain this natural change. Furthermore, the International Energy Agency, claims that the nosedive in the economy due to the coronavirus will ultimately incapacitate investments all around the world, in clean energy. Additionally, it will also affect industrial efforts to reduce emissions.

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