Farhan Saeed – Biography, Age, Wife, Singles


Farhan is a popular Pakistani singer, songwriter and actor. Farhan was born on 14, September, 1984.


Farhan is 32 years old.


Farhan got married to Urwa Hocane in December 2016. They are one of the most loved celebrity couples of the entertainment industry.

Farhan And Jal

Farhan started his singing career by being part of the band Jal. He was the lead vocalist of the band. In 2011 when he announced that he had left Jal, his fans were in shock. He started his solo career from here on.

First Bollywood Hit

Farhan sang the song Naam-e-Wafa for Vikram Bhatt’s film Creature 3D in 2014 which was a massive hit.  Although he had sung other songs for Bollywood films as well but this was a major breaththrough in his career in Bollywood.

Cafe Rock

Farhan opened Cafe Rock in 2010 which is a hard rock cafe themed restaurant. The cafe gives budding or aspiring artists an opportunity to showcase their skills.

Albums As A Member Of  Jal

Aadat – 2004

Boondh – 2007


Khuwahishon – 2011

Pi Jaun – 2012

Halka Halka Suroor – 2013

Roiyaan – 2014

Sajna – 2015

Sathya – 2016

Ji Jaun – 2016

Bollywood Songs

Meethi Yadein – 2012

Kyun Gayi – 2012

Naam-e-Wafa – 2014

Bhool Na Jaana – 2014

Thodi Der – 2017


De Ijazat Jo Tu – 2014

Mere Ajnabi – 2015

Udaari – 2016

Teri Chah Mein – 2016

Media Handles

Instagram – farhan_saeed

Facebook –  IAmFarhanSaeed



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