Faryal Mehmood Talking About Her Stepfather


Faryal Mehmood is a Pakistani actress and a model. She is a daughter of a renowned Pakistani singer Rohani Bano. She has been seen doing various characters on the screen for which she got appreciation from all the viewers.

Faryal Mehmood in an interview with Samina Peerzada talked about her stepfather. She shared that she had to pay for her mother’s wrong decisions. She was born in New York and when she was seven years old her parents got separated. Her parents started their new life. Faryal used to live with her mother along with other siblings but her mother got married again when she was 8 years old. Her stepfather didn’t earn anything and her mother stepped out of the house to earn money.

Faryal used to take care of her siblings at home. In the meantime when her mother was not at home, her stepfather used to harass her. Faryal has no good memories of her childhood. After this, her mother took separation from second husband and married for the third time with another man. Due to this, she left home and had to face trouble. Then she contacted her real father but he was married too and had kids as well. She started living with her real father but soon left that place too because of her stepmother.

Furthermore, she shared that now she is successful in her career and trying to build a bond of love among step brothers and sisters and now her stepmother also calls her.

She also shared about her new relationship. She is in a relationship with a man and she is influenced by his mother.



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