“Married My PUBG Squad Mate”PUBG Partner Became Life Partner


Pubg or Player’s unknown battleground is already well known among users. The game has created its impact on gamers. “Chicken Dinner” is not just a term; it is a victory sign among gamers. Everyday we get to hear a new PUBG related story. Not just about the game but about their players too. Some are negative but some are positive as well as funny.

Recently in August, a photo surfaced all over the internet has an interesting story with it. The photo which went viral had the caption ‘finally married to my Pubg Squad mate’ posted by Mohammed Rasheen.

You have heard about lots of love stories but this is something different than regular stuff of dating and meeting each other on social media.

Sharing their stories to one of the news channels they both said that it is because of PUBG they are finally together. Adding to this they said they didn’t meet or fall in love on a game, but because of a game, they are finally tied in a knot.

The bride in the photo, Salwa Ahmed told a news channel that like any other relationship there were so many ups and down in it. Even After dating for 4 long years and getting engaged, their relationship was on verge of collapsing. She added by saying that since starting Mohammed was so much into games and stuff. The relationship of them gets worse when Rashid moves out to UAE for a job. Salma added that it was so much difficult for them to connect because of timing and their busy schedule. This led to a daily fight between them.

But then PUBG came into their life like miracle. Rashid as a huge gamer joined it first, later Salwa accompanied her. They both start playing as a team. Most of the time they focus on strategy to win the game, this led forgetting them their real-life differences. That’s not all, when the VOIP calls were blocked, including Whatsapp and Skype, Pubg was only medium to communicate. The PUBG feature allows to interact with their game partner became bliss for them. In those hard time when talking is crucial to maintaining a relationship; Pubg saves their boat from sinking.

Rasheen further added by saying that he was the one who is addicted to game. Salwa joined it for the spirit of saving the relationship or distracting the tension.  They started playing it in duo and the only aim was to win the chicken dinner. They both admit that this game reduces a lot of stress of their personal life.

About the photo which went viral on social media, they both were quite surprised by the reaction of people. They get to know about the viral photo after a while. But it went viral as soon as they uploaded it with a catchy caption. They got to know about the post from their cousins and closed ones.

After the marriage, they both moved abroad and because of their busy schedule, they didn’t get much time to play. Although they added because of their teamwork and love for the game they are together.


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