Govt Rises Petrol Price by Rs2.07 Per Litre, New Price Reaches Rs. 236

Recently, once again an announcement made by federal government to increase price of petrol by Rs2.07/ltd for the first 15days of September, Finance Division statement.

As per the changes in the prices, petrol now would be available at Rs235.98 per litre.

Similarly, an increase Rs2.99 in the price of high-speed diesel also ordered, following the changes price would stand at Rs247.43/ litre.

Whereas, after an increment in price of Rs 9.79 per litre, light diesel oil will now be available at Rs201.54.

As per the statement issued, the new price of kerosene oil has been fixed at Rs210.32 per litre after a raise of Rs10.92/litre.

However, the new prices would be effective from 1 September.


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