Growing Instagram Followers: 7 powerful Secrets [Works Great in 2019]


You, don’t need to read this post if you’re a celebrity, Girl with Good looks or just a girl. But if you are a normal human like me and want to grow your followers on Instagram. Then this post is dedicated to you and people like you who are facing the same problem.

1st we need to know why we need Instagram followers??

Most of the people want more followers because of their friends. These are the type of people who are running a competition of most followers among the friends. Even without knowing what is the benefit of having more followers. Just want to be cool so they randomly increasing there followers using some creepy apps.

I am not here discussing any of unethical way of increasing followers. So, if your here for any shortcut technique you may leave the post because I am here going to share the pure organic way of increasing followers on Instagram.

7 Powerful Secrets of growing Instagram Followers Organically

As Like YouTube and Facebook, you can get brand sponsors on Instagram if you have a relevant audience. You can become the influencer on Instagram. But Key is having purely relevant followers which are grown organically.

Let’s start the complete guide without wasting any further time and you will be able to understand at the end of this article that why the organic following is important for your Instagram career.

Make your Private account to Public Account

As most people make their profile as a private profile and no one can follow them without their acceptance. If your account is private nobody knows about the content you posted and most of the people ignore to follow the private account. Which mean your living in a ghost town where no one can see what kind of stuff you’re posting.

So, form today set your Instagram profile as a public. Because if you make your content available for everyone who will get more traffic and followers. Social shares of your content increasing time by time.


Upload HQ Photos

Don’t upload random photos which are not giving wroth to people. Also, avoid uploading selfies which are meaningless. Post-High-Quality Photos which will make an impact on your followers and everyone wants to how you take such unique pictures for your Instagram. If you don’t have a professional camera, You can do some editing of each picture before uploading to make it look more professional.

Try to make your profile more professional and post content which helps people or in which your followers interested.No one follows yours for seeing you selfies and irrelevant stuff.

Use Instagram Features

Try to use all the key Instagram Features which are available on your profile. Use a live stream, Questions, and emotion. This will help you in getting more engagement with your followers. It shows your follower that you active and they always wait for your new story.

Location Tags

Location tags are more important for getting new followers. When you are on the visit of any new location just use that location tag in your post. People always searching for location tags for checking what other people are posting about that place when they are on the visit to the same place.


Due to Location tags, new users come to your profile and check your content. If they like your content they definitely follow you.

Maintain a theme

Your feed must follow a theme which means you need to post relevant content. Your profile content must be following a path and connected to each other. Do not post anything which not according to your profile theme.

When your profile following a theme it may attract more users and help you in getting famous in specific theme/idea.

Using #tags (Hashtags)

Hashtags are the real game changer on Instagram. You can get a massive following by using the best hashtags which are less competitive and your profile easily shown for those tags. If you have no idea which hashtags you use. Just go to google and search for best hashtags for Instagram.

Hashtags are the trending terms and the keywords which people search for on Instagram. And if you’re using those #tags you will get new followers and traffic on your profile.

Be consistent and responsive

If you are not posting thing consistently people start unfollowing you and the same thing goes with if you are not responding to their queries. So, post content regularly and to answer everyone who follows you.

These are the 7 hacks which work in 2019. Results may be slow but you will get quality followers and active ones.


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