Hamza Ali Abbasi wants to bring Islam back to the centre stage in Pakistan


    Actor-cum-activist Hamza Ali Abbasi has once against raised his voice against Indian brutality in Kashmir.

    Taking to Twitter, the Waar star shared, “I hate to say this. I hope and pray I am wrong but looking at the attitude of the international community and the increasing Hinduvta extremism in India, situation is moving towards active conflict!”

    He went on, “The time has come when we must bring Islam back to center stage in Pakistan and embrace our destiny.”

    Earlier, Abbasi participated in Kashmir rally last week as well.

    “Now I hope and pray that along with mobilising international community and institutions, the next step of Govt of Pakistan will be to immediately shut down Pakistani airspace for India, cut off all direct trade routes from India to Afghanistan and halt all trade between Pakistan and India,” he had written.


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