How meme can be harmful


The first meme was Baby Cha-Cha-Cha, also known as Dancing Baby which goes viral on the internet and was developed by a Kinetic Character Studio to showcase his CGI software Richard Dawkins is a British evolutionary biologist and author who coined the word “meme” in 1976. According to him, memes are Culture transmission from brain to brain. But It’s initial was a cartoon In a Comic strip published in 1921. The format was “Expectations versus Reality”. Memes were the source of entertainment and they defined the point of different cultures, whenever people find something to be mocked, they usually make a meme of it and spread it, if that mocking is related to one unknown self, it doesn’t affect at all but when people target to a certain person meme can affect his/her life. In Pakistan, some videos, GIFs, and pictures revolve around a meme like a Party girl and a bald guy in a stadium.

How memes can be harmful to humanity?

Everything has a boundary when something exceeds its boundary its existence becomes awful and vulnerable. Same as memes are breaking their limits and becoming fatal for human culture but how? Let me tell you.

  1. It spreads disinformation and false news of people that even have no existence like a wildfire due to this people don’t believe and have insecurities with each other.
  2. Daily life jokes and fun can change human behavior devastatingly towards society.
  3. Moral values are being under attack by memes as it destroys norms such as respect for elders.
  4. Technology is gaining strength by people’s hands which doesn’t allow people to hide their identity and they are targeted, in short, there is no more existence of privacy.
  5. People relates their life to memes which lead them to dismay and sadness.
  6. Some people are antisocial and they are afraid of using the internet they just don’t want to indulge themselves in an absurd and unimportant world which can cause a loss of confidence in them.
  7. Any person who is part of the meme can be affected mentally as well physically.
  8. If we don’t manage our culture, someone will. Ideas, social behavior, traditions, and custom makes a society, little ignorance in culture can open the way to a wrong society that would respond to a change in behavior towards loved ones.

Many other factors can also be fatal to our society related to memes which should have to be effective and informative for a good nation.



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