How To Cancel An Order On Fiverr?


Fiverr is one of the world’s largest freelance marketplace. Its uniqueness of enabling freelancers to find work in an unorthodox way has fetched the platform huge popularity in recent years.

Getting orders on Fiverr requires following footprints of successful service providers by watching and reproducing their Gigs in a better way.

Sometimes, you get an order which does not match your expertise and you are not able to deliver. It’s a tricky situation. You do not want to lose a client and hurt your Fiverr profile.

On Fiverr, many elements affect your Gigs ranking. These elements include the following:

1. Reviews.

2. Your Average Selling Price.

3. Your orders in Queue.

However, the most important and critical factors are:

1. Bad reviews can ruin not only your ranking but also your profile.

2. Cancellation rate can affect your Gig ranking but it won’t ruin your profile in any way. You can easily recover the loss.

In such circumstances, without suffocating your profile, here is what you need to do.

A step-by-step guide to cancel an order on Fiverr.

First of all, Go to your dashboard. Open up the order page of order that you want to cancel. On the right sidebar, there will be a button with text “Resolution Center“. Click that.


You need to click on last one – Ask the buyer to cancel this order.



After clicking, you will see some more options. As shown in the screenshot


Do NOT select any random reason to get rid of the order and quickly cancel the order. This can create future problems. Your information populated here is kept as meta information and could affect the gig rank so you have to be careful.

For example, if my buyer has been responding to my queries or instructions, then there is absolutely no point to choose the reason “The buyer is not responding“. This is misleading and will result in your Gig rank fall.

A lie makes the client angry, a good reason for you asking for a poor review.

If you don’t find your reason in the list, click on “Other” and then explain the exact reason in below box.

At last, click on the “Send” button and you will be redirected to your order page. There you will see that the dispute is opened by you and you are waiting for the client to either accept it or reject it. If the client accepts it, your order will be cancelled mutually.

Remember, a mutual cancellation does not hurt your Gig or profile in any way. Be transparent when you provide the reason for cancellation. If you cannot do it, you have to explain why you cannot do it.

Always communicate with your buyer before taking action. Taking them into confidence is key for successful freelancing on Fiverr.


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