How to Get 4000 Hours Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers on YouTube 2019


4000 Hours Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers are now compulsory to enable Monetization of any YouTube Channel. Its mean if you want to earn money through YouTube you have to complete these numbers. Recently YouTube made a new update to the starting of Jan 2018. According to this update, you are now more able to monetize your content if you don’t Have 1000 Subscriber on your YouTube Channel and also have 4000 hours watch time.


Already Monetized channels are also infected by this update; Mean if your Channel did not match with their new update and requirements. They have to complete this Requirement until 20 Feb 2018. If old channels failed to complete their watch time and subscribers before deadline their monetization will be disabled by YouTube.

The solution of YouTube New update [4000 Hours Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers]:

Now Come to man topic ” How you can get 4000 Watch time and 1000 Subscribers within no time“. This trick will work fine if you do all things carefully and according to the guide. There is Risk of getting  Ban by YouTube as well through this method but most of the time you will do it safely. This method divided into 2 parts one is for watch hours and second is for subscribers.

How to Get 4000 Hours Watch Time:

Getting 4000 Hours to watch time you have to use YouTube Live Feature. Then target any Live match and doing the live stream of that match on your channel. Try to Target Indian Cricket Events and go live for 3-4 hours. You, Will, get awesome Result. You can get 4000 Watch hours in just  2-5 Hours [ in case your video run safely].
Most of you think it contains copyright content and your video will be removed. Yes, you guys are right and that’s why I ask above to try to target Indian Cricket matches. Why?? Because  You will get copyright claim after one week of uploading Indian cricket highlights. But here you don’t need views. You only need Watch time nothing more. So, after live Stream delete that video and repeat this thing every day.

If You don’t feel Safe then just try this thing on your any new channel. If it works for you then go with actual Channel. But i will Give You Warranty this method works for you.

1st step is Complete now we have to focus on subscribers and for this purpose, i have 2,3 ideas how we can get subscribers fast.

How to Get 1000 Subscribers:

If you work on the method I discuss above then just your viewers for subscription in your live Stream. But if you have your own method and you only need Subscribers then I can provide you websites link from where you can get free subscribers. YouLikesHit And  AddMeFast  are the best Websites for getting free Subscribers for YouTube [ I Prefer You Like Hit  Over Other Websites].  You can also create 100 Gmail Accounts or 1000 Channel and Subscriber your Targeted channel.
So, This is the method I have used for getting 4000 hours to watch time and 1000 subscriber for YouTube. I am hoping this will work for you as well.


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