I have never taken dictation from anyone nor I will do this in future , IK addressed at Minar-e-Pakistan


After getting an instinctive and powerful response from Peshawar Rally the chairman of PTI(Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf )addressed the crowded people of Lahore at Minar-e-Pakistan. Imran Khan thanked people for coming and making a huge crowd that he had never seen in his political career.

Moreover, Just an estimated 60,000 people showed up at jalsa to have a glimpse of  Imran khan’s speech. Fifteen big screens had been set up to show Imran Khan’s speech in the meeting and fifty loudspeakers and nine hundred light towers have also been installed.  He started with hope and said, “I knew the people of Lahore will not disappoint me”.

He proclaimed that he will share his plan of action with the people and never will accept the slavery of the United Nations He added that the government is afraid of elections who came up through conspiracy and they are those who polish shoes of majestic.

“I challenge that if you dare then listen to our cases collectively so all of the nations knows who really collected money through proper channels and who does it through illicit means.”

While defending his conduct in the Toshakhana scandal he said everything he bought back was on record: “During their time, when presents came, they could buy them back by giving just 15pc. We came and increased the minimum price to 50pc,”

Imran khan  said a foreign country didn’t like my visit to Russia, China and other Muslim countries and talked about how relations can affect country’s commercially.

Khan urged his audience to never vote his political rivals, saying that “If you allow them to win in any constituency, you would commit treason with this country.”

PTI jasla at Minar-e-Pakistan ,Lahore.

Criticizing over Shehbaz Sharif and his son Hamza Shehbaz Sharif he said “These people — where they’re sitting — tell me, which govt officer will take action against them when they know they will be subjected to revenge. I ask the courts, ‘is it not your job to protect these officers?”

“I tried in my 3.5 years of a government that cases against them progressed … but nothing happened. The NAB wasn’t under me, the courts were free … what could we have done apart from their FIA cases? And those who had power in their hands did not consider corruption to be bad. It wasn’t anything big for them.”

At the end of his speech, he said the people to prepare for his call in these words “I’m not giving a call just to the PTI but all of Pakistan. You all have to prepare in the streets, cities, and villages. You have to wait for my call when I call you all to Islamabad. I want to make it clear that I don’t want a confrontation”.


  1. Along with every thing that appears to be building within this area, many of your viewpoints are relatively refreshing. Even so, I appologize, but I do not subscribe to your entire theory, all be it exciting none the less. It would seem to everybody that your opinions are not entirely rationalized and in actuality you are yourself not totally certain of your point. In any event I did appreciate examining it.


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