Imran Khan’s face pops up on typing ‘Bikhari’ on Google

Imran Khan face pops up on typing Bikhari on Google


Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has become the new victim of google  ridicule as someone searches for ‘Bikhari‘ on google Imran khan picture popup on the screen, Indians are really enjoying this along with Pakistani.

But khabeesAffairs strongly condemn this act as it is insult for Pakistan. Being Paksitani we should have reported this before it emerged on google.

 A recent user wrote, “I don’t want to joke about it. But it turns out to be right, Google is showing Pak PM on searching Bikhari. Another user wrote,  “It is an insult to beggars #Bhikhari when they are trending like this.” one Twitter user wrote, “The current state of Pakistan is like this. The users also shared a photo showing Pak PM Imran Khan sitting in a donkey.”

These photos were edited but now it has become a hot topic for social media users uploading this status following trend.


This year, in February, the search for “best toilet paper in the world,” was showing  Pakistan’s national flag as a result on the search engine.

The image result appeared after a terror attack by Pakistan based Jihad organisation Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) killed at least 40 CRPF soldiers in Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir on February 14.


On the other side many Kashmiris are killed in India but no mockery is made on their brutality. This is what khabeesaffairs called double standards of society.


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