Iraq Allows Entry to Around 5,000 Pakistani Pilgrims Standard on Iran Border


Around 5,000 Pakistani have got permission by Iraqi government to enter the country.

Rana Sanaullah Khan Pakistan’s Interior Minister had a telephonic conversation with Iraqi counterpart and informed predicament of the standard Pakistanis.

Meanwhile, issues related to visa issuance, high number of visas and other difficulties were so discussed during conversation.

Assurance has been provided by Iraqi Interior Minister Othman Ali Farhood to Pakistan that all entry points will be open for Pakistani visitors. Further, Pakistan’s security chief requested issuance of special visas to pilgrims who visited Baghdad for Arba’ein – a Shia religious observance that occurs forty days after Ashura.

Both the countries are agreed on forming Pakistan-Iraq joint committee to solve the issues related to pilgrims and to promote peaceful relations between both countries.

Lastly, PML-N leader thanked counterparts for fulfilling the requests and coming forward to join hands in such hard period.


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