Is CoronaVirus Really Critical As it is shown in Media

Is CoronaVirus Really Critical As it is shown in Media

Today KhabeesAffairs team was discussing this pandemic with each other. It was a very long discussion of 1 to 2 hours because everyone had its different opinion then a couple from us ended this discussion providing valid proof.

Here we are going to tell you the outcome of our complete discussion with the summary of our debate.

Every day and night, the media counted death rates of COVID-19 patients, but neither their relatives come on media nor their dead bodies are shown. Here is one ridiculous question that came across our minds: did they belong to Mars???

If we come to our Hospital and go there to see Corona Patients, only Quarantined people are found there, which are discharged after a few days enlisted to the Corona Virus Patients. But again, where are those who are dead???

On the other side, some patients who were dying of other diseases caused by the carelessness of paramedical staff have also been considered as Covid_19 patients. Don’t you think of it as despotism??

Let’s come towards political personalities who got victimized by Corona Virus, but all are still alive and healthy; also, none of them went to the hospitals. But why Corona Virus did not find it in any other celebrity of Pakistan. Aren’t they Humans?? LMAO

According to our experience, Doctors Corona Virus transfers rapidly from person to person interaction, but still, in lockdown, many people are doing their business, and roads are full of traffic. People’s interaction is still on an extreme level, even our staff. But none of us, including or known one, got affected by this Drama of Corona.

The outcome is “we are just being afraid of this pandemic, and our media playing a vital role in assisting the Government by creating Corona Propaganda.” It has severe effects on our economy’s downfall. But why is this game of fear playing across the world???

We will publish one more article in answer to this last question and will be aware of our followers with ultimate truth.


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