It all happened in 12 months: Ushna Shah on falling in love with Hamza Amin


The wedding bells are chiming louder by the day for actor Ushna Shah, who is all set to marry the love of her life and Austrian golfer, Hamza Amin. Last year, we saw glimpses of Shah and Amin’s romantic getaways on Instagram and then quickly, they got engaged.

Speaking about how her love story began, Shah recalled that it took exactly a year since they first met in Karachi to fall in love, get engaged, get engaged again the desi way, and now, they’re well on their way to sealing the deal.

Shah made a guest appearance on The Talk Talk Show and needless to say, was blushing throughout the one-hour clip whenever her beau’s name would come up. With her wedding lined up and preparations underway for her to be living between Pakistan and Austria, the actor said that she “might take a little break” from her career or become “extremely selective” with the projects she does.

“I love my job. I won’t quit acting ever, I’ll always do something art related until I die,” she clarified. “But with everything coming up, I might sign one project or I may take a little break as well,” she added.

Habs, Shah’s latest drama, also stars her sister and actor Irsa Ghazal. Speaking about her experience of working with her sister, she said, “Irsa teases me that my mom and she did a project together when my mom was expecting me, so, technically, it’s our second project. I was there, I just wasn’t born. That was my best performance,” she chuckled. “But jokes apart, the first day on set for Habs, we both had our scenes together. I was very nervous because even though she’s my sister, she’s also one of the best actors in the country. But then I found out that she was also nervous. The shoot was amazing though. We all had so much fun, it was great,” she smiled.

If Shah could be one actor for a day, who would she be? “Fahad Mustafa,” she quickly said. “I would be climbing on cars and be the coolest person ever. I want to feel what it is like to be this loved by the public and be one of the biggest stars in the country.”

About the worst criticism she has ever received about her acting, Shah recalled how she was told she did not know how to “naturally” cry on sets during her first TV serial and she got a lot of hatred for that. “When I entered the field, I didn’t know how to act. We’re not taught that; we learn on the job. So, I didn’t know how to cry. I was the worst crier ever. So, when my first drama aired, everyone cursed me a lot and mainly because they didn’t like how I cried,” she said. “But alas, now people like to see me cry. In fact, the audience generally enjoys girls crying on screens.”

Upon the stupidest rumour she has ever heard about herself, Shah said that she cannot point one at the spot because every month she finds something random about her online where she wants to just “slap the other person” and be like, “how does this even make sense?” Talking about how one of her crying videos from the past was morphed and edited in a way to connect it to Feroze Khan and Aliza Sultan’s abuse allegations, Shah said, “I don’t want to talk about it but people just use random clips and photos and merge them all together for clickbait headlines. That amuses me so much. What is the need?”

Sharing anecdotes about other actors from her time in showbiz, Shah recalled how shy Bilal Abbas Khan is. “Bilal and I did a recent ad shoot together and we met after a long time. We had to like meet in a romantic way, and it’s awkward but since we’re actors, we had to do it. I had to keep telling Bilal to please look at me like he loves me and he couldn’t stop smiling because that’s how shy he is.”

Moving on to her “good luck charm” Imran Ashraf, Shah shared that she believes she has the best chemistry with him. “We did Alif Allah aur Insaan, there was a telefilm we did and even after that, I think Imran is the best thing to have on sets. I feel like we’ve great chemistry in serious scenes, in comedy ones or even in emotional ones.”

Last but not the least, Shah revealed the actor she almost signed a project with but could not follow due to personal commitments. The Habs actor recalled being a fan of Farhan Saeed long before joining the entertainment industry. “When I wasn’t even in Pakistan, I remember a friend showed me his song Sajni and that was on repeat for me for months on end. Even now, whenever I meet him, he’s a buddy now, I ask him to sing it for me,” she said. “He finally did sing it this time on my birthday,” she concluded.


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