#JusticeForMarwah: Another Minor Girl In Karachi Becomes A Victim Of Abuse


Human lives have lost all meaning and value as mankind turns into a horrifying monster. A young minor five-year-old girl breathed her last as she was kidnapped, tortured, raped, and killed. Her fault? She was a girl who became a victim of hidden monsters in society.

According to sources, the poor girl, identified as Marwah, was kidnapped on Friday evening. She had been missing since then, until her body was discovered near her house in Essa Nagri, Karachi.

She was immediately rushed to the hospital, where the autopsy reports confirmed that the poor girl was raped, and received a blunt force trauma to the head; before being thrown in the garbage.

Although, the heinous culprits of this horrific crime are still not identified, the police is doing all it can to identify them and bring them to trial. In fact, a man is already in police custody over suspicion and his DNA has been sent for further inquiry.

Twitterati demand child molesters to be punished by public hanging!

This traumatic incident has left the people of Karachi angered and infuriated. And they are demanding the governing bodies to take strict action regarding the matter.

Taking to Twitter, Pakistani YouTuber, Waqar Zaka shares his sentiments on the matter.

Zaka shares that the only way to stop this heinous crime from prevailing is by having a strict punishment; such as ‘public hanging.’

Simultaneously, many citizens are agreeing with him over this and have also added their views.

A lot of the people are saddened over, the poor young souls who faced such brutal and undeserving deaths.

Some are also calling out official authorities for not stopping such heinous crimes such as child abuse from prevailing.

In addition, some are calling out the death of humanity.

It is truly heartbreaking and shocking to see that humans could to stoop to such a poor level. To see that there will be a time when mankind will completely be deprived of humane emotions is both tragic and traumatizing.

In the end, all we do hope for is that justice prevails. Above all we hope these beautiful young angels get the justice they deserve.

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