Lahore Airport (AIIA): Location, Facilities and Much More


Lahore Airport, later renamed Allama Iqbal International Airport is the third largest airport in the country. Packed with loads of national and international flights, the airport offers many facilities and is considered among the busiest. Carpeted over 1364 acres, it comprises three terminals and lounges, two runaways, and parking space for almost 22 aircraft.

The airport was inaugurated in 1962 after the Walton airport could not occupy the increasing aircraft traffic as Pakistan international airlines had its Boeing 720. An enormous expansion project to enlarge the Lahore Airport started in the 2000s. Because of escalating domestic and international flights as well as the passengers, a new terminal was made in 2003.

The airport was later named Allama Iqbal International Airport after the truly inspiring and philosophical poet of the east, Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal. It is wide enough to handle an aircraft big enough as Boeing 747.

Lahore airport


Lahore international airport is situated at the ideal location, easily accessible to everyone. It is linked directly to the main expressways to avoid traffic congestion. The airport can be reached directly through Lahore ring road or the Airport Road via airport avenue.

Lahore airport location

The terminals and lounges

Three terminals are handling almost 80 Lahore Airport flights per day all together. The recently opened terminal is referred to as the Allama Iqbal terminal. It was opened in 2003 and facilitated with futuristic facilities and provisions.

This brand-new terminal produced a marked rise in managing the passengers. Moreover, the unique architecture of the terminal highlights Mughal history. At the same time, the old terminal operates Hajj flights and is referred to as the Hajj terminal.

Three lounges occupy the airport. The two CIP loungers deal with local and international flights offering exquisite facilities. They are called State lounge operating 24 hours a day for flight departures. Equipped with cafeterias, internet facilities, and newspapers, availed free of cost by business-class passengers and platinum credit card holders.

The third lounge is specifically for Hajj pilgrims and is called Hajj Lounge. It is also facilitated with advanced amenities, including TV, flight monitors, food bars, wifi, and newspapers to ensure the comfort of the passengers.

Lahore Airport Facilities

The enormous facilities provided by the CAA management to ensure the passengers are comfortable are given below.

Medical services

The management has made sure to train their medical staff so that they can provide aid in case of emergencies. Several ambulances are also present at the airport for the rush to the hospital. In addition, wheelchairs are available as well. Any information can be availed from the CAA facilitation desk.

Porter services

The porter services for carrying luggage at the airport are very economical. The porter can be booked via the CAA facilitation desk. The price for a local flight is almost PKR 200 and that for an international flight is PKR 400.

Money exchange services

There are different banks and ATM facilities at the airport. You can exchange your money as well through variable outlets.

Coaching service

The airport also has the facility of booking coaches like Daewoo. Further information can be found at the facilitation desks.


The Lahore international airport restaurants provide the facility for dine-in and takeaway. You can visit their cafeterias as well. The eating spots are scattered in three zones: the airport’s snack bar, Elbow Room, and Lahore restaurant.

Free wifi

The free wifi at the airport makes communication easy. Just connect your device with the free wifi service. Any information can be found at the inquiry or facilitation desks.

Security measures

Civil Aviation Management and the airport’s security force provide the overall security at Lahore airport. CCTV cameras are placed at all the corners providing 24 hours surveillance. Moreover, some futuristic security equipment and metal detectors are also placed.

Functional airlines

There are 18 airlines functional at the Allama Iqbal Airport Lahore. The 5 local airlines include Pakistan International Airline, Serene Airline, Air Blue, Shaheen Airline, and Air Indus. Rest are the international airlines, including Emirates, Serene Air, Air Blue, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Gulf Air, Oman Air, Air Arabia, Kuwait Airways, Turkish Airlines, Fly Dubai, and many more.

Lahore airport Arrivals and Departures

The procedure for all domestic and international flight passengers is given below.


All the passengers from domestic and international flights are navigated towards the domestic arrival lounge via stairs, escalator, or lift. The baggage is collected from the conveyor belt. When the passengers reach the Lahore Airport Arrivals, they are moved towards the concourse hall from where they exit the airport.


The passengers at the Lahore Airport departures for local and international flights are first inquired about their tickets and passports. It is advisable to read the information related to security, customs, and immigration from the website of the Lahore international airport before arriving.

Lahore airport

Passengers Guidelines

Passengers are requested to take care of their things and follow the instructions. Avoid carrying restricted items. Avoid exceeding the weight limit capacity of the luggage. The luggage screening is essential for the Airport security force. Make sure to read all the information regarding your tickets from the respective representatives.

Information related to baggage is also important. Do not carry any liquid of more than 100 ml. According to the international flight policy, you can have two bags of luggage individually. However, the maximum weight must be 20 kg. You might need to pay an extra fee for extra luggage.

For safety, it is advised to write your name and destination on the bag. Make sure to reach the airport before time to avoid any inconvenience.

The passengers of local flights must have their CNIC and valid airline ticket with them. At the same time, international passengers must have their airline ticket, passport, visa, health certificate, CNIC, and NOC (for government employees). Further information can be taken from the facilitation desks by CAA.


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