Mahira Khan gets backup from Shaan while shutting down a troll


Mahira Khan has shut down haters and trolls effortlessly before but it’s great to see her get some support.

When a person replied to one of her tweets using some extremely vulgar language, Khan was quick to clap back in the most sweet but savage way possible.

Said Mahira to the troll, “You words show your mindset. My earnings are halal or else I’d have taken the responsibility for your education. As far as 2 takay is concerned, women like me don’t put monetary values on ourselves or on any other human.”

Clearly, she can handle herself, that too with finesse. But who doesn’t like some reinforcement every now and then? That too by Shaan Shahid!

“I’m ashamed to call you a Pakistani,” said Shaan to the hater. “Mahira Khan is a Pakistani, she has earned respect through her work. Learn to live with that.”

And mic drop! It’s sweet to see people from the fraternity support their own and that’s a trend we hope to see more of in the next year.


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