MiniApps Revolutionizing Life Styles with Convenience


In recent decades, e-commerce and mobile apps have managed to take over the consumer lifestyle landscape. Convenience drove major shifts in the way businesses connected with consumers.

The emergence of mobile wallets and contactless payments have been crucial in this regard. Paying directly through your mobile wallet is much easier because we’re always carrying our smartphones with us. Now there is no need to shuffle through an entire deck of plastic cards during checkout since we have a much more convenient, secure, and faster option available.

It is encouraging to see how many apps in Pakistan are now diversifying their offerings to cater to multiple needs of the consumers. One such development has been the emergence of mini apps.

As suggested by the name “mini app”, these are small apps that get integrated into a larger app. These third-party applications enable users to access a variety of services through a single touch point.

Users can do groceries, order food, use ride-hailing services, book plane tickets, pay for goods and perform several other services all within a single app.

WeChat, Rappi, Line, Careem and Alipay are some of the most popular Super Apps worldwide that have integrated many mini apps into their platform. Over the past couple of years, Pakistan’s digital ecosystem has progressed by leaps and bounds in this regard as well.

In Pakistan, Easypaisa makes for a great example. The leading payments platform of the country has digitally empowered users with seamless services and unique mini apps feature.

Users can now easily buy groceries, book tickets, consult with a physician or even buy vouchers by using third party apps available within the Easypaisa app. This has not just brought ease and convenience into the lives of the consumers but has eliminated the hassle of keeping multiple apps active on your mobile all the time since everything could be done within a single app.

All these mini apps such as BurgerLab, Marham, TapShop, Bookme etc are third party apps, integrated into the Easypaisa app to offer convenient services to users.

Other players like Careem Pakistan and Daraz are also aspiring to bring around similar services and experiences in order to ensure ease for users.

Another successful example is TelloTalk which is Pakistan’s own robust and feature-rich communications platform. This platform works by integrating hyper-localized communication, content, commerce and community services on a digital platform. TelloTalk has Dynamic 3rd party mini-apps ecosystem support to build endless new and exciting experiences.

The growing popularity of mini apps in Pakistan is signaling that these apps are bringing convenience to a lot of users and transforming the user experience.

Digital technology is an important route to increasing prosperity through the impact of innovations. Digitalization has accelerated financial inclusion and conferred equal access to all, good quality services, and the welfare of society. Thanks to these Super Apps and the Mini Apps integrated into these platforms, now everything is possible with a single touch.


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