Noor Bukhari – Biography, Age, Husbands, Divorces, Daughter


Noor Bukhari is a multitalented Pakistani celebrity. She is an actress, model, host and director who has done work on television and films. Noor Bukhari was born on July 3, 1982.

Noor Bukhari’s Age

Noor Bukhari is 32 years old.

1st Marriage

She got married to her first husband Vikram in Dubai in the year 2008. The marriage lasted only a few years and Noor filed for divorce because she said that her husband had not embraced Islam. Even though she tried to persuade him to convert to Islam but he did not do so therefore she has no choice. Later on, in an interview she said that her husband was being unfaithful and she could not tolerate that.

2nd Marriage

She got married to director and producer Farooq Mengal in 2010 but this marriage too did not last very long. Noor started living separately four months after the marriage and ultimately filed for divorce after a year. She did not give a reason for divorce immediately but later on said that Farooq Mengal was cheating on her.

3rd Marriage

Noor Bukhari got married to Awn Chaudhry in the year 2012. They parted ways five months after their marriage. They have a daughter Fatima who is now living with Noor Bukhari.

4th Marriage

Noor Bukhari got married to singer Wali Hamid Khan in June 2015 after both of them worked together in Noor’s debut film as a director. They also parted ways after 2 years.


Jaan Jaan Pakistan – 1999
Aag Ka Darya – 2000
Mujhe Chand Chahiye – 2000
Tere Pyar Mein – 2000
Ghar Kab Aao Gay – 2000
Billi – 2000
Moosa Khan – 2001
Zill-e-Shah – 2008
Bhai Log – 2011
Revenge of the Worthless – 2016
Ishq Positive – 2016
Saya e Khuda e Zuljalal – 2016


Uff yeh Larkiyan – 2001
Mein Noor Ka Paristaar Hoon – 2002
Mere Angnay Mein – 2008
Phir Tanha – 2011

Talk Shows As A Host

Un-Censored With Noor – 2009)
Nachley – Season 1 & 2
Morning With Hum – 2010/2011

Social Media Handles

Noor Bukhari’s Pictures


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