OMG! What YouTuber Shahveer Jafry Did Which Made Actress Saba Qamar Cry?


Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic caught hold of the world in this vicious claws people bound at home are trying to find sources through which they can keep themselves busy.

Pakistani actress Saba Qamar recently started a YouTube channel where she candidly talks about her professional and extra secretive personal life.

Recently, the actress met with Pakistani YouTube star Shahveer Jafry. During the conversation, Shahveer said something that made the actress shed heavy tears!

Apparently, Shahveer Jafry wanted to know how good of an actress Saba Qamar actually is and asked her is she could cry on command?

To which the actress replied by shedding tears on the spot!

‘I am a fantastic actress’

Saba proved her acting abilities by crying on the spot leaving Shahveer perplexed! Saba proved that she is truly a method actress by showing her impeccab


Later Shahveer asked for acting tips from Saba on how to cry on command.

Recently, Saba celebrated her newly launched YouTube channel as it reached 100k+ subscribers. The actress took to Twitter to share her excitement and said,

“A big thank you to you for challenging me to reach my potential. People like you are the reason why the world is a better place. You are quite a wonderful person who has a heart that is filled with a lot of generosity. Thank you very much for such a great, kind and lovely gesture! Much love!!

The actress is also celebrating her 3.2 million followers on Instagram and shared this wonderful news with her Instagram followers.

Image: Instagram

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