P.M Imran Khan Addressed live on Corona Lockdown extension today

P.M Imran Khan Addressed live on Corona Lockdown extension today

   Corona Lockdown is increased till 30 April under the decision of Federal Govt. of Pakistan and reason were discussed later in his speech.

                    Imran Khan came live at 5:pm today and encouraged the nation, saying we have controlled Corona very effectively. He added we are very fortunate as the death ratio is less than half of it’s a prediction, which was 190, and approximately 30 people were dead.

       He also warned the public, saying though this pandemic is controlled. Still, it can spread in upcoming days if necessary precautions will not be adapted more. He claimed that Corona is less of a risk for our youth, but their little irresponsibility can severely affect their adults of home.

              For the Business community, P.M presented some new strategies for the conduction of trade activities in the country. He emphasized the value of Business class as they are the backbone of the economy. He ensured traders for improvement, removing restrictions under strict health measures.


  He also mentioned our holy month of Ramzan in his speech, specifically Taraweeh gathering in masjids. He focused on the prior management of Ramzan prayers, with the bits of advice of scholars will be done.  Moreover, P.M is pondering upon implying a new ordinance to control artificial pricing in Ramzan.


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