Pakistan’s Electricity Generation Cost jumps 131% high


The cost of production for electricity has jumped a record high of 131%, being at Rs 13.15 kWh on May 22, compared to Rs 5.7 kWh in last year’s May.

This increase is mainly caused by the surge in power generation costs of furnace oil, reformulated liquefied natural gas, and coal, which are highest at 135%, 178%, and 130%.

The data on generation mix shows how the generation of electricity from coal has declined by 23% to 2,018 GWh.

Power generation from furnace oil, nuclear power, and wind is filling the gap by 67, 49, and 93%, respectively.

The power generated from nuclear energy now contributes to 13% of the total energy production by May 2022, as in comparison to only 10% in May 2021.   The generation of power went up by 13% YoY to 14,657 GWh in May 2022, as compared to only 13,010 in May 2021.

Iqbal Securities: “Higher than usual summer temperatures and healthy economic activity remained major drivers behind growth.” The amount of   electricity generated during the 11-month fiscal year remained at 129,317 GWh as compared to 115,862 GWh in fiscal year 2021.

Hydel was the major source of energy production in May, which accounted for 24% of overall power generation with 3,591 GWh as compared to 3,465 GWh in May, 2021.

The generation of power from RLNG improved by 19% to 3,355 GWh in May 2022, as compared to 2,829 GWh in May 2021. The power generated from coal accounted for 14% of the overall energy production.


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