Pakistan’s Exports Increase By 40.53 Percent To Rs 1.043 Trillion In 2 Months

Aerial view of container cargo ship in sea.

The exports from Pakistan in rupee term increased by 40.53 per cent during the first two months of this fiscal year (2022-23) as compared to the corresponding month of last year, according to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) report.

Exports and imports during July-August (2022-23):

According to provisional figures provided by PBS, exports during July-August (2022-23) were Rs. 1,043,046 million, an increase from Rs. 742,226 million in July-August (2021-22). It showed an increase of 40.53 percent. When compared to July 2022 exports of Rs 494,720 million, exports increased by 10.84 percent in August 2022.However, imports reached Rs 2,436,754 million in July-August 2022. A 23.75 percent increase from Rs 1,969,047 million in the same period the previous year. Imports into Pakistan amounted to Rs. 1,341,024 million (provisional) during August, 2022 as compared to Rs. 1,095,730 million in July, 2022.

Main commodities of imports during August, 2022:

The main commodities of imports during August, 2022 were:

  • petroleum products (Rs. 205,549 million)
  • petroleum crude (Rs.104,572 million)
  • palm oil (Rs. 92,096 million),
  • natural gasliquefied (Rs.88,118 million)
  • plastic materials (Rs. 46,649 million)
  • wheat (Rs.44,977 million),
  • electrical machinery & apparatus (Rs.43,114 million)
  • iron & steel scrap (Rs.34,396 million)
  • raw cotton (Rs. 32,916 million)
  • iron & steel Rs.32,617 million).


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