Pope Francis Calls for Aid for Flood-Affected People in Pakistan


The head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City, Pope Francis, forced the international community to stand with Pakistan as tens of thousands are currently at the mercy of the rainy season, which cause havoc across the Pakistan.

Pope focused on aid during his visit to the city in the central Italy L’Aquila. He asked for rapid and generous international solidarity and informed that he prayed for the flood victims.

Many countries stepped forward including UK, US, UAE, Iran, and Turkiye joined hand for providing of
humanitarian aid for the flood-ravaged country.

Moreover, Islamabad also asked for further international aid as heavy rains and floods destroyed many regions, left thousands of people homeless.

Meanwhile, earlier PM Shehbaz Sharif announced endowment of 10bn rupees to the affected people of flood.

However, every flood-hit family would get the endowment of 25,000 rupees.


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