Ramzan Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Ramzan Diet for Weight Loss

Hey readers, We hope you all are fine and doing well in Ramadan. Today is the 4th Fast of this Holy month, bringing you a golden opportunity to lose your weight frequently.

We Muslims and even scientists are well aware of Fasting benefits as it enhances our metabolism, excluding toxins from our bodies. The more we add healthy food to our diet, the more we get better immunity.

Here KhabeesAffairs are mentioning some tips for weight loss diet in Ramzan. Please read thoroughly and don’t skip a single line.

Foremost Avoid Fry Food

In our country, people are oil lovers, and there is a custom to eat deep fry items on Iftar time. But if you are on the goal of losing your weight, then you will have to avoid it altogether. Rather than using cooking oil in your meals, start using Olive oil or mustard oil, which better suits your budget.

Food to Eat In Sehri

Take the maximum level of protein in Sehri diet while eating omelet or meat. You can also eat one Roti of wheat flour. And one cup of Curd or one glass of milk in your diet and avoid eating Grains (DaaL) with roti because rains have a high level of crabs in them, which is directly proportional to our weight gain phenomena.

Avoid taking fruits in Sehri as they also contain a high amount of sugar in them.

Best Time For Exercise In Ramdan

Do exercise 1 hour before Iftar for 3o minutes because it is the time when your body sugar level is low, and our stomach starts eating extra sugar fats of the body.

Another best time for exercise is 1 hour before Sehri for 30 to 45 minutes.

Food Items In Iftar

Break Your Fast with two dates and a glass of water. Fruit salad is best to take in Iftar; You can also eat fruits in Iftars, But avoid sugary fruit juices.

Chana chaat with the combination of Black seeds, Imli, Cabbage, Tomatoes is also the best thing to eat in Iftar.

Meal To Take In Dinner

Add a bunch of salad in your meal and make a full bowl of salad for you. Prefer to eat boil rice or pasta in dinner, but don’t miss salad here. You can also eat sabzi with an average size of roti.

Plenty of water

The time between Sehri and Iftari is enough to consume 3 liters of water. Don’t skip this tip if you are really on a goal of weight loss.

Last Tip For Happiness

Do Azkar, Make Supplications, Pray Taraweeh, Do Charity and take care of your loved ones. Make your Ramzan memorable and a source of forgiveness for you.

Watch Ertugrul On PTV and avoid useless Dramas and programs and don’t let their vulgarity ruin your forgiveness season.

Remember us in your supplications.


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