Sending Remittances Made Easy With JS Bank


JS Bank is bringing an easy solution to remittance problems during the pandemic.

As the issue of Covid-19 has no immediate end in sight, people are facing more money issues than ever before. One of those issues happens to be of overseas Pakistanis trying to send remittances from abroad, for their beloved families back home.

Sending money or receiving it from out of Pakistan has always been an issue and the Covid-19 related economic crunch has only exacerbated it.

But JS Bank is here to make things easier for everyone during this pandemic

The Bank now offers remittance services that enable you to send or receive remittance from over 200 countries around the world.

So whether it’s your elderly parents alone in Pakistan or your younger sister who might be having her “social distancing” Shaadi, whatever your family may need money for you can send it back home thanks to JS Bank, within seconds.

Because of limited to no opportunities for air travel and a lot of experts advising against it, people are missing major milestones in their families such as weddings and whatnot. While technology such as video calls have made it easier to be able to virtually participate in the events, the problem of sending money still remains.

JS Bank realizes this pandemic caused predicament and has made remittances easier so you and your family can stop worrying about money and enjoy the occasion as much as you can, given the circumstances

The Bank’s app has made sending money easier than ever before.

JS Bank wants to ease the struggle Pakistanis face in terms or sending and receiving money. They want a safe and easy legal means for people to be able to use and sending funds to relatives who need them or receive them from their family from abroad.

Honestly, what JS Bank is doing is absolutely fantastic considering that the lockdown has been leading so many people into facing severe economic crises because of job losses and businesses being shut. This is a precarious time for a lot of people and hence a helping hand from family and friends could go a long way. Thanks to JS Bank, it’s now possible from anywhere in the world.

Check out this beautiful video highlighting more about this JS Bank campaign to connect Pakistanis from all over the world, during these times.


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